Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition. OBS!

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Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition. OBS!Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition. OBS!Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition. OBS!Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition. OBS!Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition. OBS!


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Funderar du på en extrem subwoofer, kanske på en som inte lämnar någon oberörd. Vill du att den ska gå djuuupt med full kraft?
Jag säljer en Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition.

Den är svart och skicket är väldigt bra. I botten sitter en 18 tums bas och kompletteras med en 12 tummare för de övre registren.
Höjd 102 Bredd 65 Djup 45 cm
Vikt 175 kg
2500W RMS power. 6000 W dynamisk effekt!
Ta ut svängarna och skaffa en subwoofer som både syns och hörs.
Alla tillbehör medföljer, emballaget också. Lådan är stor!

Bilden med kvinnan är lånad

Se nedan, lite utdrag från tester
An accomplished all-round sub-bass system that manages subtlety and sublime power in equally copious measure. Given a large room and good set-up, the 1812 offers a wholesale increase in richness and presence across the entire frequency spectrum – a revelation that could turn the most hardened two-channel audiophile onto subwoofers.

In every conceivable way, this Velodyne is a masterpiece of sonic engineering - stupidly powerful yet pure of heart and both supremely versatile and amazingly musical. Spend a few minutes in its presence and you feel honoured to have had the privilege of the experience. Two of these and Tchaikovsky wouldn't have needed the artillery

Strength: All things Weakness: heavy,expensive
It is simply best.Accurate, fast, very powerfull.Velodyne dd 18 and Audio Physic Minos are very good but 1812 is more better every area.

Two 1250Watt RMS ERA digital amplifiers
18" and 12" custom-designed drivers
The speaker is a 2-way, biamplified system where the smaller 12" woofer is used to reproduce the upper bass frequencies and the larger 18" takes care of the rest.
Less than 0.5% distortion with the High Gain Servo system
15-120Hz +/- 3dB
Weight 175 kg
Size: 102*65*47 cm
The Digital Drive 1812 provides the most amplifier power ever incorporated into a single subwoofer by employing two new, patented Energy Recovery Switching (ERS) Design amplifiers. The Digital Drive 1812 subwoofer also incorporates the latest generation of Velodyne’s patented High Gain Servo technology that uses Velodyne’s proprietary sealed accelerometer to measure cone movements 3500 times a second in order to correct for any distortion. The results is a subwoofer with over 6000 watts of Dynamic power that deliver clean, accurate, high-impact sound from 15 to 120 Hz with total harmonic distortion below 0.5%.
Upside – The Digital Drive 1812 Signature Edition is a two-way, bi-amplified, fully digital, High Gain Servo-controlled subwoofer. It features two custom designed drivers – an 18-inch (15.2-inch piston diameter) and a 12-inch (9.7-inch piston diameter) -powered by 2500 watts RMS. The smaller woofer reproduces the detail and definition in the upper bass frequencies and the massive 18-inch driver recreates bone-rattling deep bass to 20 Hz.
An on-screen graph of the system’s in-situ frequency response provides feedback as you make digital adjustments to subwoofer equalisation, phase and crossovers. You can also modify additional over-laid curves to realise optimum performance for various source materials such as action/adventure movies, rock, pop, jazz or classical music, or through custom settings to match your personal preference.

With 6000 watts of dynamic power, this sub can easily grab your attention when it wants to, yet it does so without distortion.
Downside – This baby is big — “175 kg, 102 cm high, bigger than a small refrigerator” big. The cabinet is made from real maple or cherry veneers with black lacquer finishes and aluminium painted trim pieces on the enclosure’s front and back panels, so it’s very nice looking, but it does command a considerable presence in your room.
Outlook – The sound from this subwoofer is something to behold, so if you are undeterred by the size of its cabinet and price tag, then the 1812 Signature Edition is really worth checking out.

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 Velodyne 1812 Signature Edition. OBS!