Tandberg TD-20A SE Rullbandspelare

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Tandberg TD-20A SE RullbandspelareTandberg TD-20A SE RullbandspelareTandberg TD-20A SE Rullbandspelare


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Tandberg TD-20A SE Rullbandspelare i ny skick allt fungerar!
4 spår 15-7/1.2 ips. p

The Tandberg TD 20A-SE is a two-speed open-reel tape deck designed for the
advanced amateur or semi-professional recordist. It is available with quarter-track
heads for "7-1/2"/"3-3/4"- or "15"/"7-1/2"-ips operation. There is also a "15"/"7-1/2"-
ips half-track version more suitable for professional applications. All three models
accept either 7- or 10-1/2-inch reel sizes.

The transport of the TD 20A-SE is virtually identical to that of the TD 20A. A
synchronous a.c. motor powers the belt-driven capstan, and there are separate
motors for each of the reel hubs. A fourth motor replaces the usual solenoids for
smooth, quiet operation of the tape gate, capstan pinch-roller, and brake
mechanisms. Spring-loaded tension arms on either side of the head assembly
compensate for any unevenness in tape winding, and a precision "scrape flutter"
roller damps out the tendency of tape to vibrate along its length.

Separate ferrite heads of Tandberg's own design and construction are used for
erasing, recording, and playback. A shield on the playback head lowers hum pickup
but also makes it somewhat awkward to mark editing splice points. A conventional
mechanical four-digit counter indicates tape position, and an optical sensor stops the
deck when the tape runs out.

Light-touch pushbuttons with LED indicators control all transport modes through a
logic circuit that automatically prevents any possibly tape-damaging sequence of
operations. Simultaneously pressing and releasing the stop and wind buttons places
the deck in a "free" mode so that the reels can be manually rocked back and forth for
editing or threading. If desired, the cue switch will cause the tape to be held against
the heads even during fast winding, though the playback level must be turned down
to avoid the possibility of burning out a tweeter. After threading, pressing the stop
button momentarily energizes the reel motors in order to take up any slack in the

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