Skivspelar-mattor lagerrensning

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Inlagd: 2021-06-11 16:58.

Skivspelar-mattor lagerrensning


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Passa på att uppgradera med en fräsch matta till din skivspelare. Vi har ett flertal olika
fabrikat av skivmattor. Nu säljer vi ut vissa modeller till extra bra pris.

The Cartridge Man Music Mat. Ordinarie pris: 1599 kr. Nu 899 kr.
The Music Mat is made from a polymer which has a very low surface tension. The
underside feels sticky to the touch, so that when placed directly on to a clean turntable
the mat “welds” itself to the platter surface, creating a bond of great integrity and
rendering the platter inert. The top side of the mat is sealed to prevent adherence to
the record, while leaving a support which is both compliant and inert.

Dereneville Magic-Mat. Ordinarie pris 1990 kr. Nu 1390 kr.
Platter mat for optimizing the resonance behavior during playback. The antistatic Magic-
Mat consists of a high-strength glass fiber fabric coated with silicon on both sides. Due
to its excellent adhesion properties, it couples the record perfectly to the platter and
effectively counteracts disturbing micro-resonances. The low-frequency reproduction is
firmer, the entire sound image gains clarity and depth.

Gold Note Gel Mat (vit färg). Ordinarie pris 990 kr. Nu 690 kr.
Fo.Q RS 912. Ordinarie pris 1299 kr. Nu 850 kr.
Oyaide BR-One. Ordinarie pris 439 kr. Nu 350 kr.
Blue Horizon. Ordinarie pris 995 kr. Nu 695 kr.
Rega filtmatta, svart. Ordinarie pris 175 kr. Nu 125 kr.

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