Mytek Manhattan mk2

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Mytek Manhattan mk2Mytek Manhattan mk2Mytek Manhattan mk2Mytek Manhattan mk2Mytek Manhattan mk2


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Inbytt en nästan ny Manhattan 2 från Mytek i silver.
Nypris 64 000kr
Kartong, fjärr etc finns
som ny

New Manhattan DAC II features include:
– World’s highest performance 130dB Sabre 9038 DAC chipset.
– 32 bit integer Class 2 USB2 driverless audio interface
– World class transparent analog preamp attenuators
– Roon Ready optional network card
– MQA ® hardware decoder
– Improved optional phono preamplifier card
– New, easy to navigate menu system
The Manhattan DAC II design uses the same chassis, same power supply, and front
panel circuits as the original Manhattan.
It uses a completely new, redesigned main board. This offers a substantial sound
quality upgrade. Significantly better detail and resolution, and state of the art
transparent analog preamplifier performance.
Femto Clock Technology
Mytek’s new Femto Clock that’s incorporated into our C777 Clocking architecture
pushes jitter and the noise floor below measurable levels.

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