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HiFiMAN AnandaHiFiMAN AnandaHiFiMAN AnandaHiFiMAN AnandaHiFiMAN Ananda


Kategori: Hörlurar & hörlursförstärkare    Stockholm: Visa på karta

A brand-new pair of headphones in its sealed original packaging shipped from
The warranty is pending and the receipt from Ljudmakarn shows a total of two years
starting from the date of purchase.

The tonal balance is neutral. The layering is impressive meaning the instruments and
voices are well separated and dont mesh into a wall of sound. The overall
presentation is quite clear, detailed as well as airy.

Specs at a glance:
Headphone type: Over-ear, open-back
Driver: Planar magnetic
Pads: replaceable, hybrid pleather
Impedance: 25 Ohms
Efficiency: 103 dB/1mW

Tag: hi-fi, öppna, hörlurar, planar, high end
(Product photos borrowed from headphones.com review whereas package photos
are of the actual item)

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