Brinkmann Edison MKI phono stage

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Inlagd: 2022-03-04 12:26.

Brinkmann Edison MKI phono stage


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Vi säljer vårt ex av detta fantastiska RIAA. Det har kommit en version MKII.
Se länk med recension för mer bilder och information.
Nya MKII kostar i dagsläget 130.000 kr. Vi säljer vårt MKI som är i nyskick och med allt
tillhörande inkl originalkartong för 74000 kr.

The Edison sounds pure. And it is ad-
dictive. It lets the music shine so relaxed
and at the same time involving, so
colourful but also precise, an experience
that I only had in rare moments before.
Maybe there are competitors that play
more precisely. Or better: competitors
that appear to play more precisely. The
Edison counters effortlessly with a mu-
sical flow and a fascinating integrity that
is outstanding in my opinion. I rarely ex-
perienced such a direct and intense ac-
cess to music. The various possibilities
for adjustments and the three inputs
ultimately make it an absolute dream for
analogue lovers. / Stefan Gawlick

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